Please Don’t Feel Bad That My Son Can’t Eat That

I'm sure you've heard it several times whether at your child's day care, a play group or birthday parties. So and so is allergic to _______ and cant eat ________. Whenever I have to kindly decline a snack or birthday cake that Kenny can't have, I always know what the person will say to me [...]

Slumberpod = traveling life saver

This is NOT a sponsored post What I thought would just be "kinda helpful" turned into, "I couldn't imagine my trip without this thing!" The SlumberPod is a portable, breathable, blackout canopy that can be placed right over a traveling crib/play yard. A sound machine can be placed inside and there's even a pocket inside [...]

Bedroom Gallery Wall

*Thank you Frame It Easy for sponsoring this post Spring is finally here and thanks to Frame It Easy, I had the perfect opportunity to give my bedroom a spring refresh. There's a large empty wall in my bedroom and I have had a few ideas on what I wanted to do. I decided on [...]

Farm True

*Thank you Farm True for sponsoring this post Listen up all my ghee lovers or people who are currently lovers of butter. If you aren't already Farm True fans , you're about to be. For the last few months I have made the switch from my usual ghee and Kerrygold butter to Farm True's ghee and the flavor [...]

Field Recordings Wine

*Thank you Field Recordings Wines for sponsoring this post  Field Recordings Wine's winemaker, Andrew Jones, has strived for unique wines that differ from other wines on the market. From wines in cans to bottles of wine named "Jurassic Park," you'll be tempted to try their wines. If you're someone who loves an attention grabbing label, Field Recordings [...]

Catching more Z’s with Felix Gray

*Thank you Felix Gray for sponsoring this post Guys, I started using computer glasses and my life is forever changed. When I first heard about computer glasses a couple years ago, I thought it was just a trend or just flat out fake. Then I had the opportunity to try Felix Gray computer glasses and I now am [...]

Jan: New Years Goals check in

Okay so I'm sure many of you have either been crushing your New Years goals, still getting the hang of things, haven't done a thing with their goals or just don't set goals. I gave my self a lot of micro goals instead of a lot of large goals this year. However, the New Year [...]