I can’t always run the show

You know the saying "moms don't get sick days." Well I'm here to tell you that that is part true and part false. Last week I was the sickest I have been in YEARS. I was getting sicker by the hour and eventually had to have Joey come home early from work. I couldn't get [...]

Shop Simply with Toolaloo

Thank you Toolaloo for sponsoring this post I swear half the battle of taking a toddler grocery shopping is the fact that my hands are always full. On top of carrying Kenny, I'm always carrying a toy, snack, sippy cup, water bottle, coffee, purse, shopping bags, etc. Moms, you know what Im talking about. The Toolaloo has made [...]

Meet Flamingo

*Thank you Flamingo for sponsoring this post Finally, a shaving brand thats designed for women! Ever wonder why there are so many male shaving kits, shaving products and even a store just for shaving that's targeted toward men? I have. I grew up with seeing the same shaving commercials over and over again. The "new" [...]

New Years Eve Cocktails with 90+ Cellars

*Thank you 90+ Cellars for sponsoring this post It's New Years Eve and you need something fun, easy and festive for a cocktail. Well I've got you covered! Here are 3 easy and festive drinks you can make using 90+ Cellars Sparkling Cranberry Prosecco: 1 serving -5 oz 90+ Cellars Prosecco -2TB Grand Mariner -splash [...]

Clean Air with The Pure Company

*Thank you The Pure Company for sponsoring this post As many of you know, my New Year's goal is to create a safer, non-toxic space for my family and myself. The Pure Company's Portable Air Purifier has been the perfect addition to our home to help us achieve our goal. I plug it in in whichever room I'm in, [...]

New Year’s Micro-goals

Tomorrow is NYE and over the last couple weeks I have been writing and rewriting my goals for the New Year. After the first couple of times I wrote my goals I didn't feel confident in those goals. Maybe there were too many goals I created for myself or maybe they were too big of [...]

Decluttering your phone

If you're like me, you love taking a zillion photos of your kid(s), food, dog, random things throughout the day. But it can really clog up your phone which causes it to act up and be VERY slow. So I wanted to share with you a few tips on how you can free up some [...]