Creative QT Stuff n Sit

*Thank you Creative QT for sponsoring this post Raise your hand if you enjoy children's play items that functions as storage/organization. Creative QT is quickly becoming many parents favorite product across the country for that very reason. They have created products that are super functional (play and storage) and can keep your little one entertained for long periods of [...]

Creating a non-toxic home with Puracy

Thank you Puracy for sponsoring this post One of my big goals for 2019 is to make our home healthier and non-toxic. For me when I think home+toxic, I immediately think of house hold products such as surface cleaners, detergents, soaps, bathroom cleaners, etc. Now that I'm using Puracy I am fully confident that the [...]

Roll Up Digital Piano by PicassoTiles

Thank you PicassoTiles for sponsoring this post If you know me, I'm all about functionality and the look of products. This roll-up digital piano definitely fits the criteria. It's perfect for a traveling toy, quiet time toy, independent play and functions as a music education toy. The piano has a setting where you can record what you play and [...]


Thank you NutriKid for sponsoring this post There comes a point in most parent's lives where getting their kids to eat healthy can be a living nightmare. Im not saying all kids are like this, but A LOT of kids out there refuse to eat their healthy foods. NutriKid is here to help make parents lives easier because the [...]

Cleaning Made Easy with Bob

Thank you bobsweep for sponsoring this post I'd like to announce the newest member of the Pelton household, Bob. Bob has made my life so much easier since his arrival. The Bob PetHair Plus has been such a big help with picking up Brady's fur that is everywhere. Until Bob came into our lives, I was sweeping and vacuuming anywhere [...]

Snow Day Cocktails using Wild Moon Liqueurs

*Thank you Hartford Flavor Company for sponsoring this post Looking for a few unique and easy cocktail ideas for this snow day? I am sharing with you 3 different cocktails you can make with Wild Moon Liqueurs  Sparkling Rose 1oz rose liqueur 4oz sparkling wine Combine in flute and garnish with skinny lemon or orange peel Lavender [...]

Kid-Friendly Activities In and Around CT

It’s Saturday morning, my neighbors are raking leaves in their front yard while their kids play, children are riding their bikes around the neighborhood, moms are jogging with their strollers in tow, grandparents are walking their grandchildren to the park down the street while sipping their morning cup of coffee, the high schoolers are headed [...]